JSHOW is a software that lets you organize tours and automatically distribute information to the travelparty in real time.

Numerous practical tools and the intuitive handling make life easier for artists, musicians, bookers, managers and crew members.

JSHOW is a progressive-web-app, accessible via any internet browser. The app can be added to the home screen on smartphones, making it behave like a native app.

JSHOW can also be reached when your connection to the internet fails, so you will get all the information anywhere, anytime.

JSHOW is hosted on servers in Germany. Powered by water power, the servers are reliably available around the clock.

JSHOW complies with the current european data- / privacy-regulation standards. Upon request, a data processing contract may be completed.

Each artist / band get their own platform.

Platforms can be reached via their respective URL: name-of-the-artist.j.show

Everyone involved in the tour of an artist gets access to the platform. You can choose the adequate level of authorization for different individuals or groups of people. This ensures that everyone involved only gets to see and edit the things that are relevant for their involvement in the production.

JSHOW contains a database for venues, promoters and hotels.

If an agency manages several artists, these databases are linked in the respective platforms.

Thanks to the export function (csv) and intelligent avoidance of duplicates you have a powerful database at your fingertips and will be able to work without Excel spreadsheets or any other software in the future.

ONE is a standalone platform for artists and bands who organize themselves and only use one independent platform that is not linked to any agency platform.

Every platform, whether it is an independent “one” platform or a platform within an agency network, can be upgraded to a PRO – platform. In addition to the standard range of functions, this gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily create guest contracts with all conceivable deal options. There is also the option of calculating the maximum possible income, coordinating the pre-sale and finally printing a statement.


A standard platform costs 149€ per year.

A PRO platform costs € 299 per year.

An agency – platform costs € 499 per year. You need this, if you manage multiple acts and want to use a connected database (venues, promoters, hotels) for every platform.

all prices + 19% vat

“JSHOW makes our day-to-day work easier because we always have all the important information and data in a clear form with us, so we can react anytime, anywhere.

With JSHOW we have all the information for the tour at a glance and can easily share it with colleagues and partners.

JSHOW simply makes our work clearer. “


“I can not and do not want to imagine what preparation and touring life looks like without JSHOW.
As soon as a new concert is confirmed, we enter it with all information about the appointment at JSHOW, the crew is automatically requested and can confirm the appointment, the appointment even appears directly on our website with the ticket link we requested and on tour Each member of the travel group can access all times and information at any time, which saves a lot of questions and annoyance 🙂 Never again without !! “


“JSHOW makes our life as a band easier in a lot of things. When scheduling, we keep track of optional and promised shows at all times and the automatic synchronization with our personal calendars is worth its weight in gold. All information, no matter if sound check and seasons, overnight stays or crew overview – the details of each show are always and everywhere visible for everyone and that saves us a lot of time and work, because unnecessary mail traffic and phone calls behind are simply eliminated. We have already worked with self-assembled, cloud-based solutions, but once you have worked with JSHOW, you quickly realize how easy it is to use, the overview and the range of functions for the tour life. All of a sudden you realize how cumbersome everything was before. ”


“We are now touring with JSHOW for the third year and can say with a clear conscience that this platform has made our tour / crew planning and everyday life on tour clearer, easier and more efficient. What we like best about JSHOW is that Jonas never stops integrating new features and improvements.

JSHOW is getting better and better! “


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