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J.SHOW is far more than just ordinary software – it's your indispensable companion for the seamless organization and execution of your tours. Our powerful system serves as a central hub through which all relevant information is collected and distributed to your entire tour team.

Whether it's last-minute schedule changes or important updates, J.SHOW keeps everyone involved up-to-date at all times. Plan, coordinate, and execute your tours with unparalleled efficiency while ensuring that every team member is always informed about all the crucial details.

Say goodbye to communication breakdowns and rely on the dependability and performance of J.SHOW – the essential software solution for successful tours.

With more than 360 touring productions, and more than 7,000 active accounts – the preferred choice of Germany's top booking agencies. Making waves in the industry, it's what every forward-thinking agency needs.

J.SHOW offers tailored solutions for everyone involved in the live business – including artists, bands, booking agencies, management, and crew. The intuitive user interface and a wide range of time-saving features significantly simplify daily work processes and ensure smooth operations.

Each band or production receives its own artist platform. It can be accessed via an individual URL (e.g., and serves as a central hub for all relevant information and processes.

The user interface adapts to the needs of the users. By assigning roles and permissions, you can control which information is visible and accessible to specific individuals. This way, each team member receives a personalized access that is perfectly tailored to their area of responsibility.

With its extensive configuration options and settings, J.SHOW can be flexibly adapted to the diverse requirements of various production sizes.


Agencies that manage multiple artists or bands benefit from an agency platform. This platform serves as an overview and control platform, providing direct access to all artist platforms. It also forms the basis of the agency database (venues, promoters, and hotels), which all artist platforms can access. Moreover, the agency platform offers a comprehensive overview of all dates across all artist platforms.

Artist platforms with the Pro version additionally offer powerful tools that optimize the entire contract process from creation to billing. Whether it's generating guest performance contracts, coordinating presales, or automatically generating billing overviews – with Pro, you have everything under control.

Easy Transition Thanks to Data Import

Have you been using a different software or an Excel/Google spreadsheet? We are happy to import your venue and promoter databases. Simply export them as a csv file from your current system and send them to us.

J.SHOW is accessible anytime, anywhere, whether via web browser or through our native apps for iOS and Android.

We take data protection seriously: J.SHOW meets all GDPR requirements, and upon request, we offer a data processing contract.

Our servers, powered by sustainable hydropower in Germany, ensure climate-neutral, reliable, and continuous availability.


since 2024

Artist platform
StandardUSD 219 / Year
ProUSD 379 / Year

Agency platformUSD 549 / Year

All prices + 19% VAT

Suppose you're an agency managing 10 artists/bands, you'll need one agency platform priced at USD 549 net per year, plus 10 artist platforms. If you opt for 8 standard artist platforms at USD 219 net each and 2 pro version artist platforms at USD 379 net each, your total annual costs would amount to USD 3,059 net.

Are you an agency with many artists and bands?

For a personalized offer, contact us by email ( or phone (+49 178 40 800 70) to get in touch with us directly.

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